Garcinia Cambogia Vs Raspberry Ketones

Two Of The Most Popular Natural Fat Burners – But Which Is Best?

 Raspberry Ketones Or Garcinia Cambogia?

Recent appearances of two natural based slimming supplements on the Dr Oz TV show have highlighted their natural ability to help users burn more fat and lose weight quickly without any risk of side effects

The two compounds in question are Raspberry Ketones and Garcinia Cambogia

But Which One Is Best?

Raspberry Ketones

Also known as Rheosmin or Rasketone, these are one of the key components in raspberries, they are what gives the fruit its distinctive scent and taste.

Clinical trials have identified Raspberry Ketones as a natural Phenolic compound that provides effective fat burning properties. When they were featured on the DR Oz show, he demonstrated just how they worked to help people lose weight naturally and safely.

Raspberry Ketones have an effect on our body’s natural level of something called adiponectin, a natural hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels and the regulation of fatty acidabolism. Studies have shown that the amount of adiponectin in our body, the less body fat we tend to store – the more adiponectin we have, the less body fat.

Elevated levels of adiponectin have other health benefits, it has been shown to reduce levels of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

It has been shown that by taking a good Raspberry Ketone supplement, users will burn more fat naturally, lose weight and also benefit from these other health promoting properties.

Garcinia Cambogia

The most recent of the two to be featured, and currently the subject of much media attention.

Garcinia Cambogia provides similar benefits to Raspberry Ketones, but it works in a slightly different way.

An extract taken from the rind of the Tamarind fruit – this fruit is native to Southern Asia and is commonly used in both cooking and in traditional medicine.

The extract is something called HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) and this has a resounding effect on the way that the body deal with carbohydrates and sugars in our diet.

As we eat, any sugars and carbohydrates in our food are normally processed by our liver, some is processed into fuel for energy, and the majority of it is turned into fat, some being passed as waste leaving the majority to be stored in the body, often on our stomach, hips and bottom.

Garcinia Cambogia changes these processes; the processing of fat is all but stopped, instead, sending virtually all the carbs to be burn as fuel – something called Carbohydrate Oxidation.

This process causes us to lose weight as the fats are burnt off, and because of this we will enjoy increased energy.

Other Benefits

Garcinia Cambogia also helps tackle another reason for weight gain – emotional eating. We have all been there, after a bad day at work we have come straight home and raided the fridge looking for the most calorific, sugar laden snack that we can find.

Our moods and feelings of hunger are controlled by a hormone called Seratonin,, the greater the level, the more relaxed and less likely to feel like eating.

Garcinia Cambogia helps to increase Seratonin levels leaving us feeling calmer and fuller for longer.

The extra energy provided by the fat burning process will help us in another way, this can lead to the development of increased body tone and lean muscle, as the weight comes off, our body’s will look leaner and fitter, our clothes will fit better and we will feel great.

Lean muscle also burns 10 times more calories per pound than body fat, meaning that its going to be easier to sustain the weight loss.

Clinical trials have proved that users of Garcinia Cambogia are likely to lose up to 3 times more weight that those on regular diets.

So Which Is Best ?

Do I Use Garcinia Cambogia Or Raspberry Ketones?

Why Not Use Both?

Weight loss specialists Advanced Health have taken the fat busting powers of Raspberry Ketones and blended them with the comprehensive weight loss properties of Garcina Cambogia to provide what is probably the worlds most effective natural based slimming pill available today.

Their product – called Garcinia Cambogia Extra contains 200mg of Raspberry Ketones plus 1000mg of Garcinia Cambogia and nothing else….. 100% natural and 100% effective

Where To Buy

Garcinia Cambogia Extra is available direct from the manufacturers, orders are shipped worldwide.

All orders are protected by a 30 day cash back guarantee – if it doesn’t work for you – simply return the empty container for a full refund.

A months supply (which should help users lose up to 7 kilos and 2” of body fat) costs just EUR €39.99 ( $49.95 0r £34.95)

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