Instant Knock Out Fat Burner Review

Instant Knockout – A Fat Burner For Men And Women

If You Work Out Regularly And Want To Burn Fat – Read On

Professional grade Fat Burners are more often than not targeted at men…

With many of them containing ingredients specifically designed for the male sports industry, it is harder to find supplements suitable for women who work out.

Instant Knock Out is a natural fat burner that is aimed at both, containing an all natural mix, can  suppress appetite, by homing in on fat cells as well as increasing the metabolic rate and keeping energy levels at their best.

Instant Knock Out was developed originally for MMA fighters and boxers to aid fat loss before competitions without losing muscle and strength.  If you want to get good results from your workouts, look no further, with a completely natural formula that is made up of impressive botanical extracts to boost energy levels and get rid of hard to shift body fat.

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Whats In The Formula

Their are 10 key ingredients that go to make up Instant Knockout, boosting energy, suppressing appetite and supporting metabolism.  You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or athlete, Instant Knockout is for anyone who is wants to get into shape and harness their energy to the max.

The Ingredients In The All Natural Formula include

  • Glucommannan – A Natural root extract widely used throughout Asia as a soluble dietary fibre, is proven to work.  By gently swelling to create a gel when added to liquid, lessens your appetite by making you feel fuller for long.
  • Green Tea – An Antioxidant that works on your metabolism, releasing fat in the bloodstream.

This is then used to fuel thermogenesis.  Green tea is also effective for increasing stamina while  helping you to exercise for longer.

  • Cayenne Pepper – The spice in cayenne pepper has the ability to increase your body temperature giving the body the signal to cool itself down.  This in turn encourages additional calories to burn along with unwanted fat reserves.  Metabolism is also increased so that your body can process food much faster.

Also contained in Instant Knock Out blend is caffeine anhydrous, a natural stimulant, along with vitamins B6 and B12, Chromium, Piperine, Green Coffee Bean and Zinc.

How To Take Instant Knock Out

Take One capsule, at regular intervals, four times daily.  The makers advise you take when you wake, before lunch, in the afternoon and before your evening meal.  An example would be 8am, 11am, 2pm and 5pm

Consumer Feedback

So far so good! Reviews from both men and women have come out with flying colours.  With a generous money back guarantee (90 days) this shows that the makers have complete confidence in the effective results gained after taking Instant Knockout..  99% of feedback has been very positive.

Users have pointed out that they have seen noticeable changes in their muscle tone and a marked fat loss..  Some users have experienced a boosted energy that they just didn’t expect.

Defining your figure or physique with a better workout seems to be general opinion..  No matter type of sport or exercise regime you are in to..  This supplement appears to the ONE.

Side Effects

None Have Been Reported

Where To Buy Instant Knock Out In Ireland

A relatively new product and as such, Instant Knock Out is currently only available to buy direct from the manufacturers at ..  They deliver throughout Ireland, and in fact worldwide.

One bottle, containing 120 capsules – a months supply, will cost you €45.00 with some excellent discounts for larger quantities.

Guarantees Provided

90 days cash back guarantee – No other fat burning supplement on the market offers a comparable or longer guarantee period.

Our Tip

Active women in Ireland have been crying out for a well formulated, effective fat burner…..Why not try Instant Knockout?  Its not just for men…  Just as effective for women..  Safe with all natural ingredients..

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